Touching divine levels with molecular machines – programmed nano technology for controlling biological cell functions

While writing the last post on the wonder Ayurvedic formulation ‘Trifla’ and comparing it to the futuristic molecular machines, I put a Technorati tag at the bottom of the article. As I clicked on this tag, I was taken to this article on Programming cell behavior with RNA nanotechnology. This article has increased my confidence in the beneficial nano-technology of the future. The questions – how perfect these nano molecular machines will be and in which health conditions they will work best, will be answered only when they have been in use for many years. Sure enough, the ability to program the molecular machines will be a way to touch divine levels with programmed nano applications and they will only improve with experience. As there are groups doing research on nano molecular machines, it is important to do research on molecular machines of nature. They will sure be complimentary to each other and we will sure need both and they will be complimentary for improvements in both the systems.

Quoting from the previous article,

Even the nano medical machines (molecular machines) of the near future will have limitations curing the system while maintaining a perfect balance in physical, mental, spiritual health. They may be a better alternative to the current chemical based medicial system.

In the future, nano devices will work in medical appliances. The sensors will be able to sniff out tumor cells or determine when to turn modified genes on or off during cancer therapy.
The nano machines may be the only alternative in the post health damage situation, the parallel research on nature molecular machines will provide the best of both the worlds – the first health system based on nature natural inputs and second taking over when the natural system fails to respond.

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