How to find The Best Internet Marketing Tools that are tested, proven – a great value for money & time spent on the internet

It is ingrained in the human mind to look for the best and the most beautiful. Are we always successful? How do we sharpen our skills to find the best and the most beautiful.
Mankind is experiencing multidimensional challenges in sustainable future, developing new & efficient technologies while discarding the old inefficient technologies, life style and old ways of doing business.

While working on News, Views, Reviews, I realized green life style & green mind must be the foundation of searching for the best directions & ideas for furture and deep future. Continuously understanding & living Green Life Style to develop beautiful minds naturally  trained to find the best and the most beautiful.

Green minds have strong democratic values with cosmic orientation and are very conscious of their cosmic responsibilities towards future and deep future.

There are many examples of people who lived perfect green life styles. Best examples of green minds popular worldwide are – President Abraham Lincoln, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Guru Nanak, Mother Teresa.

With the foundational work done, it is time to develop social networks, green action activities, green life style. In the early efforts, social network is working fine, but yet to be activated for green social activities.

It is in this context, I am looking for The Best Internet Marketing Tools that are tested, proven that will be helpful in generating green awareness.

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