Marketing Leads Services

Qualified Lead Generation & Telemarketing Services
Campaigns to match marketing plans
Set Campaign Objective
Set the Criteria for Leads
Finalizing Work Flow and Script
Product Training for our Lead Agents & Project Manager
Creating Web Brochures, Web Pages, Info Pages & Enquiry forms
Creating Web Reminder System
Role Play between agents and also
conduct few test calls to our client before starting the campaign
Finalizing Target audience and source for database

Finalizing Target audience and source for database

The Execution – Week Three through Ten:

1. Telemarketing and qualify prospects

2. Daily Feedback to client if any

3. Daily Reporting to the Client

4. Quality check by the Project Manager for Qualified Leads

5. Provide program feedback and ROI report

Below are the sample summarized results of the Campaign :

1. Number of Database – 1000
2. Target audience – IT Manager, CIO, CFO
3. Time Frame – 4 Weeks
4. Number of Agent – 1
5. Successful Decision Maker Contacts – 350
6. Leads Generated – 8
7. Hot Leads (potential to close within 120 days) – 2
8. Warm Leads (potential to close within 4-12 months) – 5
9. Cold Leads (potential to close after 12 months) – 7

Other related services:
Custom Campaigns for business develoment, distributor evaluation, evaluating the market situation & competition to focus on core marketing for better results

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